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The Design and Engineering team plays a vital role in constantly updating and upgrading when developing and using new design ship's model. Maritime new rules and any changes in regulations are observed and updated, especially over the green fuel emissions, vessels fuel efficiency (performance), noise and vibration of the vessels are some of the key concerns that has to be properly addressed to meet compliance.

On the other hand, the updates and upgrade are essential to keep abreast and to stay ahead of changes to meet the market needs and requirements.

Bandar Abadi advance design expertise and drafting facilities provides a cutting edge that enabled it to undertake and successfully complete a turnkey design, procurement and construction (EPC) project.

Mechanical Repair/Services Workshop
  • Dedicated Mechanical Workshop
  • Shaft and Rudder Machining
  • Milling and Radial Machining
  • Plate Bending
  • Steel Pipes Bending
  • Overhaul and Reconditioning of Engines
  • Propeller Repair and Dynamic Balancing
  • Refrigeration/Air Condition Repairs

  • Electrical Repair/Services and Automation Workshop
  • Dedicated Electrical Workshop
  • Experience in assembling Mains Switch Board (MSB), Distribution Panels, testing of electrical breakers and electrical motor merger test.
  • Servicing and Cleaning of Main Switch Boards.
  • Overhaul of motors and alternators of all sizes and configurations.
  • Rewinding of motors and alternators of all sizes and configurations.
  • Rewinding of transformers.
  • Fault Finding and repairing automation systems.

  • "Positive feedback from customer helps to continually harness and enhance the company's engineering designs and to better meet the demands of the market."