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HSSE Policy

PT. Bandar Abadi is committed to:
  • Comply with all local laws and adopts relevant international Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Standards as best practices.
  • Using the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment targets as a measure to constantly benchmark the overall progress and achievement, and serve to continually monitor and validate the company’s continual improvement.
  • Identify all noticeable hazards and subsequent risks associated with all activities in the company.
  • Provide initial and continual Quality, Health, Safety and Environment training to all employees.

  • ISPS Code

    Besides Health, Safety and Environment policies, security is also an important aspect of our business deliverables. The achievement of ISPS certification demonstrates the shipyard’s preparedness and pro-actions.
    Effective safeguards against security threats and risks to customers, employees, property, sensitive information and other assets, are in place to ensure timely response and business continuity